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History of the Fayetteville Chapter







November 1964, A group of veteran paratroopers of the 82d Airborne Division held a meeting to form a Chapter of the 82d Airborne Division Association in Fayetteville, North Carolina



On August 14, 1965 the charter was presented to the Fayetteville Chapter and the following members were honored as charter members of the Fayetteville Chapter.
















During the initial years the Chapter conducted its meetings and social events at various locations; Empire diner, Kleha’s Steak House, Highway Patrol Cabin, City Police Lodge, Plantation Club, 82d Airborne Division Non-Commissioned Officers Club, and Iron Gate Club House.


During this period in time - not only did the Chapter raised funds for the operation of the Chapter but also the 82d Airborne Division Museum. The Chapter sponsored many events to include the Wild West Monte Carol nights at the 82d Club. The Chapter collected over $10,000 to help jump start the 82d Airborne Division museum. 



In 1972 the Chapter moved its meetings and activities to the Ponderosa area where it leased a building and established it as their Chapter Clubhouse and Command Post. During their stay in the Ponderosa housing area they sponsored the neighborhood boy scouts, girl scouts and participated in community activities, to include beauty pageants, operated concession stands, motorcycle scrambles. A great many of these functions were held in the Chapter Clubhouse which enhanced the social nature of the chapter.



Wives of Chapter members formed the Auxiliary in 1968.  In addition to supplying the tables, decorations, appliances and many other essential items for the Clubhouse, they participated in chapter events and activities. The auxiliary had been, and continues to be, an inspiration to us all.  



The Chapter sponsored its first of four national conventions in 1969 at the Dinkler Plaza in Atlanta, Georgia. The second sponsored convention was led in 1974, in Atlanta, Georgia at the Sheridan Biltmore. The third convention was held in Nashville in 1981, and the forth was in 1984, at the Hyatt Regency in Knoxville, Tennessee.  




In 1973, the Trooper of the year program was initiated to coincide with the annual Division Review. This great event was held at the Chapter Club House until it grew too large in attendance and had to be moved to the NCO Club in 1985. When the 82d Airborne Division initiated the NCO of the year program, the chapter, likewise, initiated a program to recognize the NCO on the same level as the Trooper of the Year.  It was renamed the TROOPER/NCO of the year and Chapter Dinner Dance.




On March 11, 1980, as a result of profits gained from the sponsored conventions and other fund raisers the members approved the purchase of 2.2 acres of land. They also approved taking out a loan of $20,000 from the Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union.  Later that year they broke ground for their new Club House.


Members of the Fayetteville Chapter, build the clubhouse with a few exceptions. Coordination was made with Fayetteville Technical Institute to provide the electrical and plumbing work. Local businesses rendered their assistance through donations and discounts on materials.


The Fayetteville Chapter clubhouse was officially opened March 14, 1981.  The Chapter continued to raise funds through raffles, donations from members, and other special events to support the continued .




A ceremony to symbolically burn the mortgage was held February 24, 1985.




Aaron Gelber established a memorial as a result of donations from members and friends of departed members, Danny Callahan and Hugh Blocker. Additional donations given in the names of Mary Morris and Jeanne Gelber led to a permanent memorial for our departed Chapter and auxiliary members. Three Granite stone with bronze plates was placed in the front of the Chapter Clubhouse. The memorial was dedicated February 24, 1985. 


The Chapter also took an active part in supporting the efforts of the 82d Airborne Division to have a stained glass window installed in the Division’s North Chapel.



The Fayetteville Chapter continues to support community efforts and organizations such as the; Salvation Army, USO Pals, Needy Families, Special Olympics, Wounded Warriors, Veterans Medical Center,  Boy Scouts and JROTC programs. Awards annually for the Soldier of the year, Non-Commissioned Officer of the year and other awards, 82d Airborne Division Historical Society and Educational Fund.



Fayetteville Chapter members who served as  Association Presidents


The Fayetteville Chapter may recognize deserving individuals for their accomplishments by nominating them as Distinguished Members of the Chapter. An example would be a former member or current member of the Fayetteville Chapter being recognized for his or her accomplishments while serving actively as a member.

This position is designed to recognize individuals who have made a significant contribution or provided a service to our Chapter, but who are not and have not been a member of the Fayetteville Chapter. 

  • Edward F. Berry

  • Arthur F. Little

  • Raymond E. Davis

  • Ernie L. Massie, Jr.

  • William J. Delaney

  • Leon O. Mikell

  • George H. Fields

  • Richard N. Orlando

  • Edward N. Funanich

  • Larry R. Spoenman

  • Emil J. Geilmer

  • Hugh F. Stockton

  • Aaron Gelber

  • Jonas W. Trumble

  • George T. Johnson

  • Adolph F. Wamecke

  • Chester D. Kendrick

  • Bernie M. Weeks

Fayetteville Chapter members who served as  Association Presidents
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